Monday, December 20, 2010

Prayers and thoughts abound

I will post later about what has been going on with me since my last post.  Today I ask for prayers and thoughts. 

My friend Tina is an extraordinary person.  She is one of those people that makes you smile just because she is so infectious.  I ask for you to pray for Tina, her family, and especially her Aunt.  Tina's aunt has been fighting cancer for some time now.  Tina has set up a caring bridge page for her, gone out of state to help care for her Aunt and her cousins, and done an excellent job of keeping everyone informed of her Aunt's progress.  Unfortunately, it seems that the time for fighting is coming to an end.  Please send your thoughts and prayers that my dear friend's Aunt is able to spend on last holiday with her family.  I do not know her family other than thought Tina, but I can tell that she is so very much loved. 

She has been on my thoughts on and off since we learned of her prognosis, but it seems like holidays where friends and family are gathering to celebrate makes me think of her more.  In this time where people are rushing to get presents bought, wrapped, and sent there are other things we should really worry about.  I admit that I am not a big fan of Christmas because I feel like I can never get a good enough present for everyone.  I have absolutely learned my lesson this year.  It's not the present.  It's the people.  Hold your loved ones tight.  You never know when you will be asking for thoughts and prayers for them. 

I did a shadow box project for my cousin and MIL/Step-FIL and 3 uncles this year for Christmas that included a poem that I think is beautiful so I would like to share it.

To Those I Love
By: Isla Paschal Richardson

If I should ever leave you whom I love
To go along the Silent Way,
grieve not,
nor speak of me with tears,
but laugh and talk
of me as if I were beside you there.

(I'd come-I'd come, could I but find a way!
But would not tears and grief be barriers?)

And when you hear a song or
see a bird I loved,
please do not let the thought of me be sad...
For I am loving you just as I always have...

You were so good to me!
There are so many thing I wanted still

to do--
so many things to say to you...
Remember that I did not fear--
It was just leaving you that was so hard to face...

We cannot see Beyond...
But this I know:
I love you so--
'twas heaven here with you!