Thursday, March 19, 2009

Keep your comments to yourself!

Have you ever been in a store or a restaurant or a waiting room with your child and overheard someone say something about them? I'm not talking something to the effect of "Oh, how cute" or "See the baby". I am talking something that is kind of negative or downright rude. Yes, no, maybe?

Well, that happened yesterday to Ember and I. We were at the Dr's office with my mom and Ember was making noises, nothing too bad or anything. At one point during her little noise escapade, she made a few really high pitched noises with the help of grandma. (They were playing and Ember got a little excited!) NOT a big deal. Well, there was a woman and her pre-teen daughter sitting two chairs down from us. I heard her daughter ask her something, but I didn't understand her. Then I heard the woman say to her daughter, "Nothing, just making that baby show off". The tone of her voice was very judgemental.

I totally wanted to get up, walk over to her and smack her say, "Excuse me for having a happy baby! If you even knew what this child has been through, you wouldn't mind a high pitched squeak every once in awhile. Keep your comments about my baby to yourself!" I don't know why it bothered me so much, but it did! It was almost as if she was teaching her daughter that babies should be seen and not heard. Well, I have news for all of you out there. My baby will be seen and heard whenever she wants to. She is going to be taught that sometimes it's alright to speak up when you are not spoken to. (Among other things) If you don't like it, don't listen. However, I better not catch you telling her she should be seen and not heard.

My old boss used to be referred to as the Momma Bear because of how she fought for her team and she always stood up for us. Well, that is what I am when it comes to Ember, and this Momma Bear isn't nice when it comes to things like that. Keep that in mind next time you want to talk poorly about my baby!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Common sense seems to be lacking these days

I learned something today. I learned that common sense is extinct. It's true. I had a phone conversation with my health insurance company today that if I had not been part of, I would not have believed. I called them because I received a bill from my primary care physician with the following explanations as to why they denied my claim:

01/13/2009: denied, cannot identify patient as their insured (This was taken care of. They screwed up paperwork, and we resolved it in Feb.)

02/16/2009: denied, Anthem states other insurance is primary (I have no other insurance)

So, I called them thinking that it was just a mistake. Here is how the conversation went. (Paraphrasing slightly)

"Hello...this is so-and-so, how may I help you?"

"Well, you can tell me why my Dr's visits were not covered. I have a statement from my Dr's office stating (read above). I have been dealing with this since January and need to get it resolved"

"Well ma'am it appears that we have a letter here from August 2008 stating that you are insured with a different carrier as your primary. The letter states that from January 2006 until now you have insurance with another carrier"

"Excuse me? You are going off of a letter that was sent to you in August 2008?"

"Yes Ma'am. This letter states that you have coverage now with another carrier as your primary"

"You have GOT to be kidding me. That letter is from August 2008. It is now March 2009. That letter can't tell you I have coverage now from another insurance carrier. It can't read the future."

"I'm sorry, but this letter states you have insurance through another carrier from January 2006 until now."

"No. It says that I HAD insurance from January 2006 until August 2008. That letter can't speak for now. It was written in August of 2008"

And the conversation went on like this for another 10 minutes. She just wasn't getting that a letter written in August of 2008 could not tell her that I have insurance with someone else now! I even said to her that common sense would tell her that the letter is outdated. Her response was that "The letter says blah blah blah" GAH!!! I wanted to poke my eyes out with my pen by the time I was off the phone with her.

So, all in all, common sense did not prevail. I have to get a Certificate of Credible Coverage from my previous insurance and send it to Anthem. Then I have to wait for them to enter it into their computer before they will pay my Dr's bills. I truly feel for the next person I have to deal with at Anthem if they don't get this dealt with swiftly.

R.I.P. Common Sense. You will be missed.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mother Nature, just so you know, I hate you.

That's right, Mother Nature and her monthly gift (or in my case bi-monthly gift) can kiss off! Ugh! Last week was the week when "Aunt Flow" visited. She stayed with us for four days and nights. Such a freeloader! She didn't even offer to pay for any of the extra food she made me eat!

That's right, in typical fashion, Aunt Flow made me eat everything in sight. She is just out of control! I could care less if she never visits again! She is demanding, rude, and makes life very inconvenient when she is here. Hence, why I have been avoiding posting anything about my weight. I TOTALLY botched my diet last week thanks to my horrid house guest!

I gained my weight back. Unfortunately, when Aunt Flow is around I do nothing but eat and curl up in a little ball of pain! It's almost always been this way. The joys of having PCOS (Click here for more info) and borderline endometriosis. Mother Nature, you can kiss it for that too!

So, now I am trying to get back on the wagon. It's just SO hard! I know I have done harder things, but I LOVE food! Bad Food! And Aunt Flow makes me want even worse food! We will see what happens next week. I did end up getting to take Ember to the park Tuesday when it was nice out. I actually got to walk with her in her stroller and she enjoyed it.

One day at a time. That is all I can think about. I just have to remind myself that there has to be more good one day at a time's than bad ones.

Oh! And Mother Nature...I'll get you. You just wait and see.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...Who is that lobster? Oh! It's me!

This is the worst sunburn I have EVER had. It was so bad that I had to sleep at night with a cold towel across my chest.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bye, I love you

While on a shopping trip with the huz this weekend I heard the words "Bye, I love you" uttered and I instantly wanted to smack the person who dared utter them in my presence. Let me set the scene for you...

I am patiently waiting for the huz to try on clothes just so I can tell him "No, that shirt does not go with those shorts, but I like both. Just not together." when I hear a small child playing the next aisle over. It just so happened to be the baby section of the store. Then I hear his mom say something to the effect of "Come on, we need to go" and the child keeps playing. The next thing I hear is "I'll leave you here if you don't come with me" which, of course, the child ignored. Then, she proceeded to say "Bye, I love you" and she walked away from him! Not just one or two steps. She walked about 12 feet away!

When I saw this, I walked over to see the child. It was a little boy who was maybe 2 years old. He looked up and instantly got a panicked look in his eyes, but didn't move. The mother walked back down the aisle and rather than grabbing his hand and taking him with her, she stood there telling him how they needed to leave. Well, once mommy returned, he started to play again. She again said "Bye, I love you" and walked away from him....this time further...without looking back!

I was instantly pissed at this woman. Then, it happened three more times! I couldn't believe my eyes or my ears. How could she do that? That's not love, that's torture. Every time he realized she walked away he panicked. The store was crowded that day too. Someone could have been watching, just like I was, and easily grabbed him when she walked away from him one of those times WITH HER BACK TURNED.

Also, you don't negotiate with a 2 year old and then walk away when his answer is to ignore you. Mommyhood to a 2 year old should not be a democracy. You take his hand or pick him up and take him with you. Then, you deal with whatever happens to be the reaction to that. I may be delusional, and my mind might change about that, but right now...this is where I stand.

I understand the frustration, and embarrassment, of dealing with a screaming child in the middle of a crowded and very public place. I really do. However, walking away from your child is NOT an answer. EVER. Sorry if I have offended anyone who has done this, it's just not an option for me.

What say you?

Friday, March 6, 2009

Great Video

This video was sent to me in an email and I think that it has a pretty profound statement. It says a lot of truths about our country and my generation. If we don't at least try to turn things around now, what will happen when Ember is my age? Will she make it to me age?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday....Look at that car!

These are pictures of my cousin Meaghan's car after going to get 100 bottles of soda for Ember's Trivia Night benefit. Hint: It's not supposed to sit that los in the back end!

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How could you?

I heard of this story on Monday night. It made me sick to my stomach. Now, I find out there is more. I am speaking of a story that is happening here locally where a woman had a baby last November at a home where she was visiting friends or partying or something and then tried to drown the baby in the toilet. She said, about this baby last November, that she didn't know she was preggo or giving birth! Then when police investigated her home, a location different from where she had the baby, they found the decaying body of an infant. They state that the infant has been deceased for at least a year. To read up on the latest on this story Click Here. O.k., here are my issues....(get ready for a rant!)

1) I may be wrong here, but I don't believe ANYONE who says that they didn't know they were pregnant when they are in active labor with a baby that is not smaller than 18 weeks (The time at when you could possibly feel the baby start to move). I mean COME ON! At some point you have to say to yourself, "you know what? I haven't had a period like I normally do." (Even if you spot, it's not a period) Yes, I know there are those who don't have regular periods, I was one of them, but you know you do. Also, at some point, you have to say to yourself "You know, I don't think that movement is just gas"

2) I REALLY don't believe anyone who says that they didn't know they were in LABOR!

3) How can you live in a house with a decaying body? For over a year?

4) Why not give your baby away rather than harm him/her? Then, why have another? There are fixes for still getting to sleep around without the danger of pregnancy.

5) The social service system is broken. This undeniably proves it. Why don't people care enough to fix it? A system that only works 10% of the time should not be acceptable. But it is and no one cares to fix it.

UGH! This just bothers me SO much. I think mainly because of Ember. I know what I would have done in order to save her life. Now, there is this woman out there who, it seems, had one baby and either killed him/her directly or neglected him/her for so long that he/she died and then hid the body and then had another and tried to kill that baby as well. There are SO many people out there who can't have children...I was almost one of them...who would have gladly taken both of these babies off of her hands! OH! And that leads me to another rant which I will save for another day on Adoption Agencies and the sheer cost to adopt! And besides that, there are TONS of options before you even have a baby! Like protection, the morning after pill, and if it is for you, abortion. (Don't write me, not promoting, just stating facts!)

F'ing stupid bitch!

Yes, yes, potty mouth, but UGH! Things like this make me SO angry! I know plenty of people who would lay down their own life for their children. Children who are sick, and dying, and absolutely perfect in every way from the minute they were born regardless of whatever disease they have. And this woman, this person, just carelessly throws their life away. I just want to cry for these babies. They had no voice, no one to speak up for them and their feelings at their time of need. They had no one to hold them, care of them, and keep them safe from this woman's warped mind. At least the second baby is safe with relatives for the time being.

I say warped mind because something had to be wrong with her. How could she be completely sane and think that something to this magnitude was acceptable? How could anyone? And then to pleade not guilty? Even if you are insane, you are guilty and need help!

I could go on and on about this, but it would just lead to more F-bombs, so I will just leave it be.

Monday, March 2, 2009

White Castle's are my nemesis

That's right, they are. Those tiny, little square burgers with onions and cheese! I can't pass them up! Which, is a serious detriment to my diet! Do you know that one tiny little burger has 13g of carbs?!!!! That's one of my three servings for lunch or dinner! That is so not enough for me! And the chicken rings, OMG! Seriously, I could just die if they ever stopped carrying them. Yes, yes, I am a fat girl, we have discussed this! But aside from that, it wasn't a great week for my diet. I do REALLY well during the day and then dinner time hits and I get hungry. And it all goes out the window. Well, and the weekends have always been horrible for me. That is when we go out to eat and well, it's hard to be good then too! I only got to workout once this week. The rest of the week was consumed by running errands or house work. Though, I do think that the day I cleaned the kitchen should be considered a workout day too. I was freaking sweating by the time I was done!

I am excited that I got to go pick up my new bike this weekend though! Now it just needs to get warm enough to be able to ride it. I can't wait! So, the grand result of this week is 1.4 pounds down! :) I'm excited and I hope that I can keep it up! As for now, I am off to rustle up a snack and hop in the shower while maw maw occupies the little one.