Saturday, August 8, 2009

Another girl please!

That’s right!  We are having another girl!  This is so nice because we have so much stuff left over from Ember that she barely got to use since she was in the hospital off and on from the time she was 11 weeks until about 6 months old.  It is also nice because we can put them both into the same room without having to figure out a whole new bed set for Ember.  Although, we do have to remodel the room they are going to go into regardless.  The huz was a little dissapointed.  He wanted a boy SO bad!  Even so, I know that he is going to love this little girl just as much as he loves Ember. 

Right now we are in the process of painting the front room in order to turn half of it into the office for both of our computers.  Then we will move on to remodeling the new nursery.  New flooring, a new closet, new paint, and possibly some book shelf destruction.  We will see.  I will post new ultrasound pics later.  I don’t have them loaded to my new laptop yet!  SO excited about that!

I have been selling Partylite for over a month now and it has been VERY good for us. It has given us enough money to purchase the flooring for the nursery and to put a lot towards my new laptop!  So, (shameless plug) if you need to order anything, visit my website and order away!

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