Friday, February 20, 2009

My title, new DVR, and the portal to Hell

It occurred to me that not many of you know what my title means or who the heck Jane or Angel is. Well, here is a mini explanation.

Jeannie....well, that's me! (DUH!)
Jane....well, this one is a bit more complicated. It is actually a nickname Matt started calling me. It is after Jane Jetson. In the beginning sequence of The Jetson's, George is giving Jane money and rather than taking the money he tried to hand her, she takes the money that is left in his wallet. Click here to see: The Jetson's Cute huh? Well, then it evolved in to Dammit Jane. My derby name. I MISS derby more than anything! I can't wait until I can join up again. Dammit Jane is everything that I am not and a few things that I am. She is a touch on the glamorous side, confident, brave, a mother to everyone, and a protector. She'll kick your ass for hurting one of her friends/family and ask you why later. (You get to decide which of these is me and which all DJ)
Angel....Again, a nickname from Matt
Mommy...Obviously, I am a mommy
etc.....this includes Bitch, Freak, Goth wanna be, Cute, Fat, Anxious, and all of the other things I am that I try to hide on a daily basis.
So, now you know and knowing is half the battle (or so says G.I. JOE)

Today we got a new DVR and it is great!!!!! We can record a show while watching another one! This has answered ALL of my TV watching dilemmas. I know, I am a little behind everyone else, but hey! Let me revel in my tiny little victory. Now I will no longer have to sacrifice CSI for Hell's Kitchen!

And here is where the portal to hell comes in. The installation guy came in and asked me where the wire came into our front room at and I said from underneath where the TV was sitting. He then asked me if it was a basement or how to get down there. I told him it was a crawl space. I said that I wasn't exactly sure how to get from the crawlspace into the underneath of the front room for sure. He just looked at me with this "You have got to be kidding" look. I told him that well, I don't deal with spiders and bugs and whatever else could be lurking down there. I neglected to tell him that I am pretty sure that in that tiny, dark little space under my house there were Zombies, Ghosts, and possibly the portal to hell. Though, none of these scare me anywhere near as much as a spider or snake crawling on me. I'll gladly take my chances with Cthulhu (for those of you who don't get the reference....Cthulhu ) himself if I have to, just as long as you don't get a spider or snake anywhere near me! Yes, yes, you think I am overly dramatic, but it's true. I fear them simply because of the bite factor. I know that some snakes do not let go when they bite. That scares the crap outta me. Spiders are even worse. (And my skin just started crawling even thinking about it!) They are hairy and have 8 legs and they can bite you too and some can even make your flesh rot off! yuck yuck yuck Don't get me wrong, the possibility of the undead freaks me out too, but I feel like I am somehow better equipped to deal with that than the unnaturalness of snakes and spiders. (o.k., the undead aren't exactly natural, but I think you should understand where I am coming from on this people!)

Yes, sadly, these are the things I think about at night. When it is just me and the baby at home, with no one else around to watch me freak out. hehe And Ghosts, yes, I do believe in them. They creep me out too, but nowhere near as much as afore mentioned spiders and snakes. I am also not prepared to deal with The Mothman, those crazy mountain guys from Wrong Turn, and possibly the dark. It is kind of funny though, sometimes when the huz and I get together with our friends to watch a scary movie, we talk about how we could survive it because of our gaming adventures. HAHA! But, that is a story for another time. I guess I should add scaredy cat to my title as well.

Welcome to my craziness people. This is how my mind works. We have now come full circle...starting with my title, to the DVR, to the portal to hell, Zombies, ghosts, my friends, and back to my title. Hope you enjoyed the trip.


  1. Never fear I'll protect you. And only mock you a little. Seriously thoug hI love you hun. -- Matt

  2. derby eh? you are hardcore. I wish the pillow fight clubs would come down to florida, I'd be all over that. I'm not so steady on wheels any more. Growing giant boobs since I last skated had tossed my balance off.