Monday, March 15, 2010

Let's talk about muffins

Muffin Tops to be exact.  Now, I know that I am NOT a perfect size 8 like I used to be, but I do try to wear clothes that fit my body.  I constantly ask people if what I am wearing is alright and if it isn't, I beg them to tell me.  The question I have, however, is when did this become o.k.?

I am seeing more and more girls walking around looking like this or worse.  I just wonder if they really looked in the mirror and said, "I look gooooood!" before leaving the house.  Seriously, why do said females think that this is sexy?  For that matter, do men actually think that this is sexy?  Honestly, it makes me feel bad for them.  Is there no one in their life that can tell them that they really need to just let go and buy a pair of jeans and a shirt that fit? 

If I am completely deluded here, please tell me.  I just think that this trend is so sad.  There are tons of cute and beautiful women out there who are making themselves look bad by doing this.  I know that even when I was thin, I always made sure that my clothes at least fit.  Even if they were a little tight or showed some skin.

I also wonder what this says to our daughters.  Does this trend tell them to be your own person and to not care about what others think?  Or does it tell them that taking care of themselves and projecting a positive self image isn't important any longer?  I truly hope that it is not the latter point.

So, my bloggy friends, this is my promise to you.  I promise that if and when I ever get thin again, I will stay clear of anything that produces a muffin top from this body.  If you happen to see me walking around with one, point it out by throwing a pair of jeans at me that might just fit properly!  It might be embarrassing, but I will love you for it in the long run.  :)


  1. ITA - the muffin top is one of the least attractive looks on a woman - or a man...

    thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  2. Gross! I admit, though...sometimes I have one. *blushes*

  3. HAH! So true--I see it everywhere

  4. Oh! You're SO spot on about those muffin tops! Lately I've been sporting a muffin top due to weight gain that "somehow" snuck up on me...but I've done a good job of hiding it under larger shirts and baby-doll cut tops! I wouldn't be caught outside my house wearing a fitted top in my current condition. :) I've found that regular (not super ultra low rise) jeans actually DO fit me better.

  5. kitchen koala: "I wouldn't be caught outside my house wearing a fitted top in my current condition. :)"

    ROTFL! Same here. I finally understand the flattering effect of shirred tops. *sigh*