Monday, May 31, 2010

Father's Day Contest...Help Me!

Shell pointed me towards last night.  She is doing a giveaway from them and she also mentioned that they are doing a Father's Day Contest.  You design a shirt and then people vote on it.  The person with the most votes wins great prizes!  Including an iPad!!!!!  Well, I couldn't pass this up so I designed a shirt!  To view it and VOTE please please please, you can go here.   I designed a shirt for the huz that reflects our life trying to promote Organ Donation Awareness. 

Each person can cast a max on 3 votes per account (no creating duplicate accounts because they log your IP address) so if you create something, let me know and I can vote for you guys too.  Right now the highest vote is up to 27 votes.  Surely we can beat that!!! 


  1. Hey, you! Just checking in to say that I have had some splurginess this weekend, and now today have mentally committed to soothing and comforting myself (not with food). I am preparing myself for later today when I know I will be hungry. I will have a smart snack and then find other things to do to feed my soul. I think I might shave my legs, shower, and put on self tanning lotion too. How are you doing?