Monday, March 2, 2009

White Castle's are my nemesis

That's right, they are. Those tiny, little square burgers with onions and cheese! I can't pass them up! Which, is a serious detriment to my diet! Do you know that one tiny little burger has 13g of carbs?!!!! That's one of my three servings for lunch or dinner! That is so not enough for me! And the chicken rings, OMG! Seriously, I could just die if they ever stopped carrying them. Yes, yes, I am a fat girl, we have discussed this! But aside from that, it wasn't a great week for my diet. I do REALLY well during the day and then dinner time hits and I get hungry. And it all goes out the window. Well, and the weekends have always been horrible for me. That is when we go out to eat and well, it's hard to be good then too! I only got to workout once this week. The rest of the week was consumed by running errands or house work. Though, I do think that the day I cleaned the kitchen should be considered a workout day too. I was freaking sweating by the time I was done!

I am excited that I got to go pick up my new bike this weekend though! Now it just needs to get warm enough to be able to ride it. I can't wait! So, the grand result of this week is 1.4 pounds down! :) I'm excited and I hope that I can keep it up! As for now, I am off to rustle up a snack and hop in the shower while maw maw occupies the little one.

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