Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How could you?

I heard of this story on Monday night. It made me sick to my stomach. Now, I find out there is more. I am speaking of a story that is happening here locally where a woman had a baby last November at a home where she was visiting friends or partying or something and then tried to drown the baby in the toilet. She said, about this baby last November, that she didn't know she was preggo or giving birth! Then when police investigated her home, a location different from where she had the baby, they found the decaying body of an infant. They state that the infant has been deceased for at least a year. To read up on the latest on this story Click Here. O.k., here are my issues....(get ready for a rant!)

1) I may be wrong here, but I don't believe ANYONE who says that they didn't know they were pregnant when they are in active labor with a baby that is not smaller than 18 weeks (The time at when you could possibly feel the baby start to move). I mean COME ON! At some point you have to say to yourself, "you know what? I haven't had a period like I normally do." (Even if you spot, it's not a period) Yes, I know there are those who don't have regular periods, I was one of them, but you know you do. Also, at some point, you have to say to yourself "You know, I don't think that movement is just gas"

2) I REALLY don't believe anyone who says that they didn't know they were in LABOR!

3) How can you live in a house with a decaying body? For over a year?

4) Why not give your baby away rather than harm him/her? Then, why have another? There are fixes for still getting to sleep around without the danger of pregnancy.

5) The social service system is broken. This undeniably proves it. Why don't people care enough to fix it? A system that only works 10% of the time should not be acceptable. But it is and no one cares to fix it.

UGH! This just bothers me SO much. I think mainly because of Ember. I know what I would have done in order to save her life. Now, there is this woman out there who, it seems, had one baby and either killed him/her directly or neglected him/her for so long that he/she died and then hid the body and then had another and tried to kill that baby as well. There are SO many people out there who can't have children...I was almost one of them...who would have gladly taken both of these babies off of her hands! OH! And that leads me to another rant which I will save for another day on Adoption Agencies and the sheer cost to adopt! And besides that, there are TONS of options before you even have a baby! Like protection, the morning after pill, and if it is for you, abortion. (Don't write me, not promoting, just stating facts!)

F'ing stupid bitch!

Yes, yes, potty mouth, but UGH! Things like this make me SO angry! I know plenty of people who would lay down their own life for their children. Children who are sick, and dying, and absolutely perfect in every way from the minute they were born regardless of whatever disease they have. And this woman, this person, just carelessly throws their life away. I just want to cry for these babies. They had no voice, no one to speak up for them and their feelings at their time of need. They had no one to hold them, care of them, and keep them safe from this woman's warped mind. At least the second baby is safe with relatives for the time being.

I say warped mind because something had to be wrong with her. How could she be completely sane and think that something to this magnitude was acceptable? How could anyone? And then to pleade not guilty? Even if you are insane, you are guilty and need help!

I could go on and on about this, but it would just lead to more F-bombs, so I will just leave it be.

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  1. Jeannie,

    I was also just disgusted and sad when I heard this story. It is so upsetting to see this happen when Jason and I want to start a family so badly. It makes me wonder why people who don't deserve children are able to have them and mistreat them and people like Jason and myself who would provide a loving home have trouble. It doesn't make sense to me.