Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tell the truth Thursday

So, I stole borrowed this idea from Christina Lee over at Write Brained.  It is perfect for me right now as I am completely out of things to say and too exhausted to really think of anything clever.

1. I am SO tired of hearing about Mark McGwire and how we should all just forgive him for doing steroids. about he takes responsibility for his actions because he WANTS to, not because he had to for a job?  How about we, as a society, start telling athletes/politicians/famous people that it is NOT o.k. to do things that are wrong and get away with it?  That teaches NOTHING.  Ugh!

2. I feel completely and utterly guilty about feeling frustrated with Mouse last night because she was being clingy for almost 6 hours straight!  Just crying every time I put her down.  I should feel happy that I have a happy(most of the time), healthy baby.  Instead, I feel frustrated and then sad and then guilty because I think to myself for just a second that when Monkey was her age it was easier.  THEN I feel even guiltier because a thought like that should NEVER cross my mind.  Monkey was in the hospital at this age with her belly as large as a basketball and puking all over me every time we gave her a bottle.

3.  I secretly like Lady Gaga's songs even if I can't stand her as a person.

4. My desk is a disaster and I have to admit to myself that it is never going to be just as I like it.  I keep piling stuff on top of it so of course it isn't going to get any better.

5. I would love to have the time and money to go back to nursing school.  Well, money anyway.  I have the time, but that would mean the girls would have to go into daycare.  In order to put them in daycare, I would have to go back to work full time.  Going back to work full time would not allow me to go back to school since I would have to work so far away in order to make enough money to afford day care.  It's a vicious cycle and I hate it.

6. I want to be a writer, but I don't have the willpower or train of thought to actually sit down and write a book.  I don't even know what I would write about.

7. I am undercover or not so much geek.  I like playing 40K and MMORPGs and reading on-line comics among many many other geeky things.

Do you have anything you need to tell the truth about?


  1. If I could be a full-time could go back to school. Talk to Aunt Linda. She might have some ideas for you.

  2. well it was a good steal--hee hee! I like taht your a geek!!

  3. Love this post - I am definitely going to have to try it. Thanks for the Sunshine Award nom a couple of weeks ago. Am I supposed to nominate someone in-turn? I wasn't quite sure how it works. Thanks for being a faithful reader, Jeannie.