Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I'm a slacker, I know.  I am so sore and tired right now that I just want to curl up right next to the nice warm fan of my laptop and sleep for 3 days!

Derby is kicking my ass.  Why, oh why did I ever think that this would be a good idea just 12 weeks after having a baby?  I am SO out of shape it isn't even funny.  I feel like an idiot becuase I can't even get back up half the time we do one or two knee falls.  Ugh!  I just flail around the floor like a dying whale.  It's horrid, really it is.  Oh, and it doesn't help that my feet got fat with this pregnancy so my skates are too small now.  My feet are cramping like crazy, but we don't have the dough to buy new skates right now.  Plus, I don't want to buy new ones before I know whether I make the league or not.  I have no delusions that I will actually make it this year.  I fully expect not to. 

So, for now I leave you with this parting thought.....Why does the muscle in my underarm hurt and why do I keep punishing myself?!!!!


  1. Working out? What's that? Oh, yeah, I need to start doing that again. My "baby" is almost 2.

    Stopping in from SITS.

  2. Slacker? I don't think so. Busy busy mother of two babies (not quite 21 mos. and 3 mos), wife of husband w/two jobs, business person and writer.....who also subjects herself to Derby torment! If that's a slacker.....I'm not sure there's a definition for me!

    Love Ya!

  3. Judie is SO right Jeannie! :) You are doing GREAT!!! It is very inspiring. Hopefully, I will be able to be as motivated after our little one gets here!

  4. so.not.a.slacker.

    totally a bad ass. 12 weeks post baby? srsly BAD ASS

  5. Fidget, you crack me up. I am so glad that I found you hun! You get me though some rough days.