Tuesday, January 19, 2010

30 Day Shred...day 2

This morning I woke up with some soreness in my legs. I thought to myself that I was feeling pretty good and glad that I was going to be able to move throughout the day. Ha! I feel asleep in the chair this morning after Ember got up for about 30 minutes. When I woke up, I realized that my abs and sides were sore. Let me say that again....my ABS are sore!! I didn't even think I had abs underneath this belly! And this was after only the first day! I can't even begin to explain to you how excited this made me. I have never, EVER done a workout that has made my abs hurt. Not even when I was hardcore into sports in high school. To me, this means that it is actually giving me a workout. While I am so very excited about this, I am also VERY sore. As the day progressed I felt myself getting slower and stiffer and hurting more and more as I moved. I knew this was going to happen, but it still hurts! Ugh

As much as I didn't want to because of how sore I am, I did the workout again today. I am sure that I ended up stopping more this time than I did yesterday, but it felt good to work all of my sore muscles. That is, until about two hours ago when I realized that I can't walk down the two steps into the garage. Yes, walking down stairs is much harder than walking up then right now. You use a whole different set of muscles and when they are sore, they sure as hell let you know it. I am motivated at this point in time to keep this going. In the first part of the DVD, I always have to stop in the middle of the jump rope part. It is just too much on my feet and shins. I REALLY don't want to end up with shin splints. I had them a lot in track and it was hell. Well, when you get to the end of the DVD, you do 2 minutes of cardio. This includes the jump rope part. Yesterday I didn't stop because I wanted to prove I could do it and I did the same today. I don't know if by then I am worked up enough to push myself or what, but it feels like such an accomplishment to make it through those 30 seconds of torture!

I would agree with anyone that tells me that Jillian Michaels is a master at torture. However, after the results I received after just one 20 minute session I would also have to thank her. If this continues, I can see how this could truly help me. Now, the diet is another story. I really need to work on it, but it is just going to have to wait until it is time to go grocery shopping again. Not a lot of healthy stuff in the house right now. I had pizza for lunch and and then a little later had a small pouch of Ember's fruit snacks. Just before dinner I ate a bag of baked Cheetos's and then had a piece of pizza. I was SO hungry. The huz did fix me a great dinner though. It is actually a Weight Watcher's recipe. It is a modification of hot wings where you use chicken breasts, cut them up into strips, and then use hot sauce on them. They are actually pretty good. Especially for someone who LOVES hot wings. He also made this whole grain rice mix that was pretty good. It was only 3 carb choices for me. (45 carbs total for the whole meal) Oh! I also only had three diet sodas today. Usually I have a bazillion and one throughout the day. I guess that is progress.

Now, we will see how I feel tomorrow. They always say that the third day is the worst. Let's hope. In one of my more pain filled moments the huz said "Hey, you only have 28 more days to go." At that moment I wanted to jump on him like a spider monkey and just smack him! However, my sore thighs told me that this was not an option. So, I politely told him to shut it. :) He loves me. He knows it. hehe

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  1. Oh wow. That is some dedication right there. I walk our dog and consider that to be my exercise. I admire that you have made a commitment to it and sticking it out!

    Have you tried doing menu planning? We do that every week and it makes grocery shopping and dinner and lunches sooooo much easier! (And it might curb any temptations to cheat too!) I love menu planning!

    Thanks for sharing my SITS day with me and leaving me some bloggy love!