Friday, January 8, 2010

My love affair with Partylite

As most of you know, I started selling Partylite products in late June. I can't express enough how much I love, love, love their products. They are both functional and elegant. Their fragrances never cease to please. If I could, I would completely redecorate my entire house to incorporate just about every piece of Partylite I could. Right now, that's not an option, but I hope that it will be one day. The new catalog for Partylite delivers just as much promise as I hoped it would. The big plus is that there are a lot of purple and complimenting silver items. Purple is absolutely my most favorite color ever. I think that it is complimented very well with silver so I am excited about the new product. Not to mention the new Two Sister's Gourmet line! I am in love with their Snickerdoodle Sweet Cheese Ball Mix!

I do feel some sort of accomplishment that I have my own business. This is something that is mine and I will only get out of it what I put into it. I am very pleased that I can work when I want to rather than when I have to. It fits my schedule. Especially with staying home with the girls and with Matt working so much. It has been a great help to our family so far as well. I know that people are always waiting for the catch, but with Partylite there truly isn't one. It is free to start (major bonus for me since I was not working when I started selling) and they sell quality products. Through Partylite I have also met some wonderful and inspirational people. I know that it is helping me to be both a better person and better at my business.

I absolutely love to give back to people. Ask anyone who knows me and they will, hopefully, tell you that it's true too. The opportunity to sell Partylite is the single most rewarding thing that I can offer anyone. Especially someone who is struggling to make ends meet. I know that it may seem hard or scary or time consuming, but it's all worth it. Plus it's not hard or time consuming. It was a bit scary at first because I do get a bit self conscious standing up in front of people talking, but once you start getting your paychecks, it becomes fun! I mean, where else can you make $800 to $1,000 a month for working just about 12 to 18 hours?!!! Plus there are all kinds of incentives that I always try to take advantage of. I have received some great product for free!!!! I can't imagine working with a better group of people or a better company. Here's to a great, candle, and food filled 2010! If you need anything at all, I'm your girl!

I have posted a few pictures of some of my favorite items right now.

Weathered Zinc Lantern

Amethyst Hurricane

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