Sunday, January 10, 2010

Always Infinity, I love you!

****Warning: Discussion of Lady bits and that time of the month below. Avert your eyes if you are squeamish****

As of this past week I have officially starting having periods again. Can I just express again how much I HATE this part of being a woman? It just makes me wish I was preggo again. I LOVE not having a period! Not to mention that I actually don't mind being preggo, but that isn't something that is in the plans again, at least not for awhile. Anyway, I am back to the routine of feeling gross and having aching lady bits for 4-5 days every month or so. I say "or so" because since I have PCOS and had fertility problems when trying to get preggo with Ember, I don't know if I will commune with Mother Nature once a month or every three months again. So, we will wait and see.

Anyway, awhile back I discovered this great product made by Always. It is called the Always Infinity pad. Let me tell you, these things are amazing!!!! If you have a heavy period all of the time like I do, these are for you. I don't know what this infinicil stuff that these things are made out of is exactly, but it is worth it's weight in gold!!! I can't remember a time when I didn't have trouble wearing a pad or tampon. They would last an hour tops and I would have to change. It is just horrible for me. So, you can see why (on top of many, many other reasons) I hate this time of the month. Mother Nature truly is a cruel, mean woman! These pads are lifesavers. I no longer feel like I have to constantly run to the bathroom to check for leaks.

I do have to say that I actually turn them around to wear them though. I use the back as the front because that is where I tend to have most of my "flow". I don't know if it is because I am a plus sized girl or what, but for some reason the back never needs to be the widest. I can tell you that I use the overnights all day long just because my flow is that heavy. Since I have found these pads, I feel a little more normal during my time with Mother Nature. They are SUPER thin too. It really doesn't even feel like I am even wearing a pad most of the time. I can't express enough how great this is for me. I highly encourage anyone who needs that little bit of extra protection to try this product.

I was going to link to the free sample on the Always website for anyone who was interested, but due to such high demand they are not giving them out right now. However, you can still follow the link to the Always site and sign up for their newsletter. Just click on the Try it free button and you will be directed to the newsletter sign up. It gives you exclusive samples and coupons which is a great deal too. I am always in the market for coupons. Plus, it is not just for the Always products. It is for other items that Procter & Gamble makes as well. I know that I am always looking for deals and coupons on products so I thought I would share the love.

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